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Barclay In-Between®

  • More brighter and clearer light
  • Aerodynamic
  • High quality
  • Lower power consumption
  • Equipped with LED-lighting
  • Easy to install due to magnets
  • Carwash proof
  • Available in almost all colour combinations
  • Delivery time 2-7 working days + shipping days
  • Width of 80 cm
  • UV-proof class A polycarbonate
  • Stainless steel
  • Wear and impact resistant
For an additional cost of € 49, – Barclay can carry your toplight with a rechargeable 12 Volt Li-ion battery with its associated charger.

  • Prices are available on request
  • As each country has its own specific needs and/or requirements, prices can not be compared to the Dutch prices
  • Deliverable for practical all auto types

Besides the Baby Barclay and the Barclay Toplight, which covers the entire roof, a mid size Toplight is added to the product range; the Barclay In-Between.

Because the Barclay Toplight is auto type depending and it requires vehicle specifications and the Baby Barclay is sometimes considered as too small, Barclay added a new size range with the In-Between. Supplied in two versions this toplight covers the full auto type range. And if it may not fit in certain occasions, e.g. if you drive an English cab, the new Toplight will be adjusted with great care in our workshop in Helmond.

Barclay In-Between
Barclay In-Between
Barclay In-Between