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Barclay Toplight ®

  • Covers the full width of the car roof
  • High quality
  • The Toplight can be fixed on the roof with just one supplied wrench and the two 2 supplied  brackets in less than no time
  • Also available with magnet fixing
  • Aerodynamic
  • Equipped with LED-lighting
  • Carwash proof
  • Available in almost all colour combinations
  • Delivery time 2-7 working days + shipping days
Covers the full width of the car roof
  • Synthetic material strengthened with fibreglass
  • Stainless steel
  • UV-proof class A polycarbonate
  • Wear and impact resistant
For an additional cost of € 49, – Barclay can carry your roof with a rechargeable 12 Volt Li-ion battery with its associated charger.

The battery has a charging time of 6 hours and a minimum of 12 hours of fire for continuous use, more than enough so to burn a full night service. The light can be easily operated by means of an on / off switch.


  • Prices are available on request
  • As each country has its own specific needs and/or requirements, prices can not be compared to the Dutch prices
  • Deliverable for practical all auto types

The aerodynamic shape of the Barclay Toplight fits the aerodynamic design of the car perfectly. As it were, car and Toplight become one. It guarantees lower air resistance and with that a fuel saving of 10%, compared to other Toplights and reduces noise to a minimum. 

Exclusive possibilities for permanent advertising

Next to the standard models in black and white and the range of standard taxi windows, the taxi and driving school branch are keen on using the extend lighting advertising possibilities, which the Toplight is offering

Barclay Toplight
Barclay Toplight
Barclay Toplight