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Toplight Bright Lite

  • More brighter and clearer light
  • High quality
  • Lower power consumption
  • Aerodynamic
  • Equipped with LED-lighting
  • Easy to install due to  magnets
  • Carwash proof differs per model type
  • Delivery time 10-15 working days + shipping days
  • Width of 45 cm
  • The Bright Lite is a high quality product, manufactured with the best materials
  • UV stabilized PMMA
  • Available in 3 different base models
  • Each model is interchangeable on the standard base plate in less than no time
  • LED-light and magnets are integrated in the standard base plate
  • Prices are available on request
  • As each country has its own specific needs and/or requirements, prices can not be compared to the Dutch prices
  • Deliverable for practical all auto types
The Toplight Bright Lite offers you the possibility to change the upper part of the Toplight in less than no time; the bottom plate, including LED’s and magnets, remains on the car roof, while the Toplight itself can be changed in a few seconds, a Click & Go system. For instance, when a taxi takes on different transportations, a fixed bottom plate with 2 or 3 different Toplights will work perfectly. The Bright Lite Toplight keeps your company flexible and distinguishable!
Barclay Toplight Bright lite
Barclay Toplight Bright lite
Barclay Toplight Bright lite