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Toplight Baby Barclay ®

  • More brighter and clearer light
  • Aerodynamic
  • High quality
  • Lower power consumption
  • Equipped with LED-lighting
  • Easy to install due to magnets
  • Carwash proof
  • Available in almost all colour combinations
  • Delivery time 2-7 working days + shipping days
  • Width of 60 cm
  • The Baby-Barclay is a high quality product, manufactured with the best materials
  • UV-proof class A polycarbonate
  • Stainless steel
  • Wear and impact resistant, just as his “big brother”
For an additional cost of € 49, – Barclay can carry your toplight with a rechargeable 12 Volt Li-ion battery with its associated charger.

  • Prices are available on request
  • As each country has its own specific needs and/or requirements, prices can not be compared to the Dutch prices
  • Deliverable for practical all auto types

From its family-look-vision Barclay decided to develop a baby version of the Toplight, the Baby-Barclay. This Toplight is universal usable, certified by TUV in regards to its technical and safety standards and is also standardized in black or white. Due to its extreme easy fixing it is the ideal solutions for companies that want to drive “short and quickly” without a Toplight or just like “the Baby” more.


The Baby Barclay measures up to the design of its “big brother”. The fixing method is also based on pressing the Toplight on to the car roof and therefore car and Toplight appear as one. Sprayed in the colour of the car makes the impact only bigger.

The advertising-baby

The Baby Barclay also offers companies plenty options for permanent advertising. The dimension of the window is developed to show who you are, but of course optional.

Baby Barclay
Baby Barclay